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Health benefits of infrared saunas

The long wave infrared occurs just below “infra” to red light as the next lowest energy band. This level of light is not visible to the human eye, but we can feel this type of light as heat.

The earth radiates rays in the 7 to 14 micron range with its peak output at 10 microns. The Infra-Core sauna heating ceramic emitters, which are 96% radiant efficient, have a majority of output from 5.6 to 25 microns. This output is evenly spread around the 9.3 micron pivot point of maximum human output. The energy output from the infrared sauna matches so closely to the human body’s radiant energy, that our bodies take in close to 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin. The Infrared Radiant sauna has been greatly used in treating people who suffer from toxic load. These patients are very high in toxic loads, and the detoxification pathways in their bodies suffer.

Canadian Made Infrared Panels

When one is able to reduce the toxins and heavy metals, their symptoms most often greatly improve. Many people unknowingly suffer from mercury poisoning, and other heavy metals such as lead and aluminum. The infrared sauna raises the core temperature which accelerates the removal of these toxins and also improves a number of areas in the immune system. Infrared helps purify our cells, especially the cells in our fat where our bodies store waste and harmful toxins, such as cholesterol and heavy metals. There are three main sections of the electromagnetic spectrum divided by wavelengths, measured in microns: 0.076 to 1.5 microns = close/near, 1.5 to 5.6= center/intermediate, 5.6 to 1000 = long wave/far infrared.

INFRA-CORE™ Premium Dual Sauna

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