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Who doesn’t appreciate lush green grass on their lawn? Well, everyone does. But real grass requires a lot of maintenance, unlike synthetic one. Are you too looking for grass turf that goes well with your modern, busy lifestyle? Come and explore the ravishing range of Rymar Synthetic Grass at Backyard Canada and get fresh, always green turf for your lawn. Not only that, but these amazing turfs can also prove to be a game-changer for schools, clubs, communities, and homes. In addition to this, you won’t have to worry about it drying up or getting dull as it requires low to zero maintenance. 

Real grass can go brown and enter a dormant stage during winters, which is indeed not a pleasing sight. However, lush green Backyard Canada Rymar Synthetic Grass always remains in its prime. It won’t discolour or fade and will preserve its vibrant green hue. Regardless of the seasons, you can enjoy a charming oasis with Backyard Canada synthetic grass. 

Browse through the extensive collection of Backyard Canada and pick the one you find most appealing for your lawn and use. 

Rymar Grass from Backyard Canada always looks great, no matter what the weather conditions are, and you never need to water it. It would always stay green and feel real without demanding high maintenance. In order to keep the real grass fresh and bug-free, you need to rely on chemicals and fertilizers, which can indeed harm kids and pets along with the environment. That’s just one way Rymar Synthetic grass gains a point. Plus! You won’t have to mow or water it or buy tools and fertilizers to maintain it. Thus, it saves you more money. 

Backyard Canada Rymar Synthetic Grass is extremely durable and can easily last for 15 years or more without losing its colour or getting worn. Realize your dream of owning a beautiful lawn with Backyard Canada Rymar Synthetic Grass, and spend some quality time rolling and frolicking on it with your friends, family, and pets.

Fresh-looking, easy to install, and maintain, are the values intimately associated with Backyard Canada Rymar Synthetic Grass. Minimal maintenance is one of the main benefits you enjoy with artificial turf. So, the time you would have spent mowing and watering real grass can now be used to have fun with your family or enjoy some me-time. Now your kids can play as hard as they want without getting mucky and unsightly grass stains on their shoes and clothing. Artificial turf is a perfect solution to say bye-bye to ruts and bare spots that usually occur in real grass. Thanks to their high resilience and durability, they are able to resist the continuous pressure of being trodden and walked on. 

Backyard Canada offers an incredible range of Rymar Synthetic grass for you to choose from. The blades of grass in these beautiful verdant turfs will always keep bouncing and swaying without showing any sign of wear and tear for 15 years or more on your lawn. 


Rymar Grass Turf from Backyard Canada is made of polyurethane which renders it extreme strength, durability, and resilience. This ensures that you don’t have to spend ages on its maintenance and cleaning, so it looks fresh and in its prime always. 

There are many benefits one can enjoy by installing synthetic grass:

  • No need for mowing and watering. 
  • No fear of getting brown and dormant in winters. 
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing and lush green all year round. 
  • Convenient solution
  • No fear of pest or bug infestation
  • Great for pets!

To maintain Rymar grass:

  1. Remove debris and leaves regularly with a blower
  2. Remove pet waste
  3. Rinse occasionally
  4. Rake the fibres of the grass 
  5. Use a mild weed killer if required
  6. Use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate bacteria and moulds
  7. Prevent burns (avoid throwing cigarette butts or smouldering charcoal)

Yes, Rymar Grass Turfs are environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, you get to save water and natural resources and avoid the usage of fertilizers and chemicals that harm the environment. 

Backyard Canada Rymar Synthetic grass will look beautiful for 15 year or more in a residential setting.

Yes, Rymar Synthetic Grass from Backyard Canada is absolutely pet friendly as it eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions in pets. And it won’t die due to pet waste like standard grass.