Made in Canada


Homecraft Sauna Heaters Installed in Saunas

Homecraft sauna heaters provide an ultimate sauna experience that transcends the boundaries of relaxation and wellness. With their meticulously engineered sauna heaters that maximize heating capacity and efficiency, you can enjoy a high-quality heater that is built for longevity and reliable performance.


Wall Mounted Premium Electric Heater with WIFI Control Option and 120 lbs of Rocks for great Loyly (steam)

H Series Homecraft Sauna Heater

Surrey, British Columbia

Canadian Made & Manufactured

For over 3 decades Homecraft has been manufacturing Saunas locally in British Columbia, Canada. Homecraft are proud to be one of Canada’s longest serving sauna manufacturers bringing and growing traditional sauna culture within North America.

All Homecraft heaters are CSA approved that gives a very important added security to homeowners who can be assured that using a approved heater will not void insurance unlike some sauna heaters on the market.

A Family Run & Operated Business with 35+ Years of Experience

Why Choose Homecraft?

Homecraft pride themselves on the fact that when you deal with them you are dealing with real people who know how to get the job done. As a family owned business who are dedicated on doing what is right for their customers, they are an experienced brand you can rely on.


Wellbeing Focused

Life is stressful and complicated and Homecraft believe that the Sauna is a healthy, relaxing & connecting experience for people. Homecraft are proud to be a part of people’s wellbeing. 

Homecraft Sauna Heaters FAQ

Every sauna enthusiast will develop their own style once fully acquainted and confident with the sauna process. There are no fixed rules to follow for enjoying the sauna – everyone should be free to experiment to get the maximum enjoyment out of their sauna. The sauna can be relaxing or invigorating – depending on you. One should never take more heat than is comfortable and enjoyable and never, ever push the limits of endurance.

When your Sauna Heater is overworked the high-limit switch will automatically shut the heater down as a safety measure. This can be caused for a number of reasons from bad air flow within the heater (to many rocks) or wrong placement of the Thermistor sensor. When the high limit switch has tripped it will be impossible to start your heater without resetting the switch. On the bottom of every Homecraft Sauna heater you will find the CSA approved sticker with our heater information. In the very middle of the aluminum sticker is a hole where the high limit switch is located.

We have been manufacturing and building saunas for over 30 years. We are experienced and are a brand you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on the fact that when you deal with us you are dealing with real people who know how to get the job done. We are a family owned business who are dedicated on doing what is right for our customers. 

We are Western Canada’s oldest sauna company in Canada and are proud to still continue to build and manufacture our wonderful products here in Canada. We live in a world where it is easier to import cheaply made products that sell for higher prices. When you purchase from Homecraft you are supporting a locally run, 100% Canadian company. 

It is more important for you to be satisfied then anything else. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our attitude to make sure each customer is happy. We aren’t perfect but when mistakes happen we always make it right.