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Premium Swim Spas Designed for the Whole Family


Clearwater – Swim Spa 1200

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Personalized Consultation

Connect with our expert team for a tailored consultation to discuss your preferences, needs, and backyard vision. We’ll help you find the perfect hot tub from our premium selection.


Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians will deliver and set up your new hot tub, coordinate electrical if you use one of our preferred partners, and ensure everything is in perfect working order. We’ll also guide you through proper usage and maintenance until you feel comfortable.


Relax and Enjoy!

Immerse yourself in the luxury and relaxation of your new hot tub. Experience the ultimate backyard escape as you unwind, recharge, and create lasting memories with family and friends.


The swim spa line was created to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Use it to swim, stretch, row, relax and enjoy. It’s your own personal gym and pool in one! Backyard Canada believes exercise and fun can combined into the same backyard . Six specialized swim spas that are built to last a lifetime and are a excellent way to get in shape! This line includes a Lucite® shell, exercise equipment for resistance training and super water purification system which ensures clean water every time you workout or swim.


The swim spa line includes a swim lane for guidance in the water. The optional rowing kit gets you started with resistance bands and bars so you can start your training circuit right away! It will become your personal underwater gym. Add in the the resistance provided by water which is twice as effective while being much gentler on joints for that low impact regiment.

Swim spas can be installed above or below ground and do not require the permits required for regular swimming pools. They are also more energy efficient and backed by a outstanding warranty. So, whether it’s swimming against powerful jets, rowing, soaking or just relaxing, there is a swim spa for your needs and budget.


Payments as low as


Clearwater Hot Tub Cabinet

Energy-Efficient Insulation for Calgary's Climate:

Better Insulation

Calgary's climate demands efficient insulation, and Clearwater Spas deliver with their RTB Insulation System. This feature ensures your hot tub retains heat, reducing energy costs and making it a smart choice for environmentally conscious Calgary residents.

Strong and Enduring

Revolutionary Structural Integrity

In Calgary, where durability is key, Clearwater Spas stand out. Our PVC pillar support system is impervious to the elements, ensuring your hot tub remains a lasting addition to your Calgary home.

Clearwater Shell Support Columns
Clearwater Warranty

Trusted Warranty for Calgary Homeowners

Industry Leading Warranty

Backyard Canada offers Clearwater Spas with a 5-Year Parts and Labour Warranty, and 20-Year Structural Warranty, ensuring Calgary homeowners enjoy peace of mind with their investment. 

Dramatically Lower Chlorine or Bromine Levels

ClearBlue Mineralization Water Treatment (option)

ClearBlue is leading edge water treatment technology for hot tubs and pools, that allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine required to keep the hot tub clean. By adding small amounts of copper, silver and zinc to the water, through an integrated diode system, we are able to eliminate most of the algae and bacterial growth in the tub. Allowing chlorine/bromine levels to be dropped from 3 - 6 parts per million down to drinking water levels of 0.5 - 1 part per million.  


The cost of a swim spa will depend on the size, specs, brand, where it’s made, and retailer. But you can find swim spas from about $25,000 to $50,000+. Some brands charge a premium to pay for their marketing. Some are less because they’re made in China. What you choose should be based on your needs, whether you’re looking for an intense exercise machine, or just a 4 season pool for you and the family to enjoy.

Yes, swim spas also known as 4 season pools are designed to run 365 days a year. Built much like a hot tub, with insulation and a large in-line heater, plus a thick insulated cover, swim spas are great any time of year.

Swim spas contain a very large amount of water, and the cost of heating that water can be significant. We estimate that you’ll spend between $100 and $200 a month running your swim spa. 

The power requirements of a swim spa are usually the same as a premium hot tub, with 240 volt 60 amp power needed. Swim spas with separate hot tubs, will usually required a second power supply wired to the swim spa.

No, as a single body of water, the water will mix all around the tub achieving only 1 temperature. However, some swim spas do come with a hot tub separated from the swim spa body of water. Though we don’t recommend this, as you usually end up with a sub-par swim spa and sub-par hot tub. Instead, we suggest you just buy a seperate swim spa and hot tub. This also allows for easier placement, and servicing. 

For swimming we recommend around 90 degrees fahrenheit or 32 degrees celsius. Though a swim spa can get just as hot as a hot tub at 104 degrees fahrenheit or 40 degrees celsius. Keeping your swim spa at a lower temperature will also make it less costly to run from an electricity and chemical perspective.  Keep in mind that heating a swim spa only a few degrees will take many hours as the amount of water is so large. 

Depending on the size of the swim spa and the size of the heater, a swim spa can take as long as 48 hours to reach full temperature. 

It is a good idea to always have an extra filter on hand so that you can easily change the filter when it becomes dirty. You should rinse your filters every 30 days. Every 60 days you should submerge the filters in filter cleaner overnight to release any biofilms and to deep clean your filter.