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Infrared Saunas are perfect if you have trouble tolerating the high heat of a traditional sauna but still want the health benefits of a sauna, infrared may be the answer for you. The sauna usually operates in the warm but tolerable range from 100° – 140°. Start your health journey today with a Infracore infrared sauna. Saunacore is Canada’s oldest Infrared Sauna manufacturer.


Infrared and Traditional Sauna Heat All In One - Made in Canada - 5 Year Warranty - Custom Options


Made in Canada - Lifetime Warranty - Customize Sizes, Benches, Windows and more

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Benefits of Far Infrared Light

Far Infrared is a very beneficial addition to everyday life. Infrared heat penetrates deeper into our bodies. This form of heat allows the human body to perspire more and possibly eliminate toxins that build up in our system. Far Infrared is a portion of the light spectrum. Most of the sun’s energy is in the infrared range which is divided into three segments: far, middle and near.

Our bodies absorb Far Infrared which creates a sensation of warmth and stimulates many of our biological systems. Far Infrared heating emitting devices have a 30-year history of safe therapeutic applications including the use in hospitals to warm premature babies.

Infrared Sauna Safety

CSA certification is concrete proof and assurance that your infrared sauna or any Saunacore products are tested to stringent safety standards. All precautions are documented, certified and tested in Canada. Saunacore products are tested to CSA, UL and CE safety standards.

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Health benefits of infrared saunas

The long wave infrared occurs just below “infra” to red light as the next lowest energy band. This level of light is not visible to the human eye, but we can feel this type of light as heat.


No, Infrared Saunas operate at a lower temperature than traditional saunas. They also work by warming you directly, rather than the air around you, creating a deeper detoxifying sweat. 

A lot actually. Because Canadian Red Cedar is the preferred material for building  saunas, we export logs to Asia, where they’re often made into Saunas. At Backyard Canada we’ve tested these saunas, and as you might expect, the components are often sub-standard, including flimsy doors that don’t retain heat, straps that buckle when tightened, infrared panels with excessive EMF and other details that make these saunas less than desirable over the long term. 

Made in Canada means, that these saunas were made from Canadian materials in Canada! With an eye on long term performance, and backed by a lifetime warranty! 

Research indicates that they are very good for detoxification. Particularly heavy metal detoxification, which has lead many fire departments to include infrared saunas in their detoxification protocol. Many of the other health claimed by Infrared saunas are assumed, based on studies of traditional saunas by the Finnish Government. These benefits include a longer life, a longer health span (healthy part of your life), cardiovascular benefits, activation of heat shock proteins and more. 

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