Authentically Designed and Built in Italy


Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens in Calgary Canada


Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens provide an elegant and timeless design that manages to combine the most traditional shape of wood-burning ovens with the latest technological innovation.

Alfa Forni Classico 4 Pizze Oven

Alfa Forni Classico 4 Pizze

$5,899.00 $6,499.00
Alfa Forni Classico 2 Pizze Oven

Alfa Forni Classico 2 Pizze

$4,599.00 $5,079.00


Soft, rounded curves, custom colours and all the Alfa technology to convey character to young and dynamic outdoor spaces.

Alfa Forni Moderno Collection Portable

Alfa Forni Moderno Portable

$1,388.00 $1,888.00
Alfa Forni Moderno Collection 2 Pizze

Alfa Forni Moderno 2 Pizze

$3,699.00 $4,079.00
Alfa Forni Moderno Collection 3 Pizze

Alfa Forni Moderno 3 Pizze

$4,999.00 $5,499.00
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Alfa Forni Moderno 5 Pizze

$8,399.00 $9,249.00


Minimalism, functionality and discreet elegance for ovens capable of integrating perfectly into premium outdoor kitchens.


Alfa Forni Futuro 2 Pizze

$6,399.00 $7,049.00

Alfa Forni Futuro 4 Pizze

$8,999.00 $9,899.00

Alfa Forni Heat Genius

The secret to making great pizza at home

Only Alfa has Heat Genius™ technology that allows you to cook the pizza base and toppings at different temperatures, just like in professional wood-burning ovens used in pizzerias.

Heat Genius™ combines 3 unique and high-performance technologies

Alfa Forni Authentic HeatKeeper® Firebrick

1. Authentic HeatKeeper® Firebrick

Produced at the Alfa plant in Italy, the Heat Keeper™ firebrick absorbs and stores heat far better than lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens.

Thanks to the HeatKeeper™ refractory firebrick, the cooking floor of the Alfa ovens quickly cooks your pizzas making them crisp and moist at precisely the right temperature.

2. DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation

This ceramic fibre offers twice as much heat resistance as rock wool usually used in home pizza ovens.

The DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® guarantees excellent temperature retention during cooking, prevents the side surfaces from overheating and allows you to consistently bake perfect pizzas.

Alfa Forni Doubledown Ceramic Superwool Insulation
Alfa Forni Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®

3. Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®

This system optimizes the circulation of hot air inside the cooking chamber so as to heat the refractory brick even more and cook the pizza better.

The “around and down” heat means that the oven consistently maintains the right temperature allowing to cook both the base and the pizza sauces optimally.

Pizza ovens and more

Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens allow you to choose from a wide range of outdoor ovens designed and handcrafted in Italy, different in style, size and fuel, yet characterized by the same Alfa Heat Genius™ technology.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the introduction of the most modern technological innovations, Alfa ovens will allow you to create every type of recipe, from pizzas to the most refined desserts.

Immediately ready for use, Alfa pizza ovens quickly reach 500°C, allowing you to quickly cook, grill and roast any dish like a professional

Domestic Oven Section

Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens

Alfa was born as a manufacturer of traditional wood-fired ovens and, since the very beginning, has focused on improving refractory materials in order to gain better thermal performance. Today, Alfa produces high-calibre commercial and residential ovens and has renewed the home sector by developing the Forninox™ technology.

So, we have come up with the idea to insulate a refractory wood-burning oven by coating it with layers of stainless-steel. This has enabled us to improve the thermal performances of the appliance, to drastically reduce its weight and to facilitate its mobility by adding high-resistance castors.

Alfa ovens produced with this technology have much lower energy consumption than competing products and take less time to reach the cooking temperature.

Alfa steel ovens are simpler to use than traditional refractory ones as you can manage fire more easily thanks to their compact structure that allows hot air to circulate inside them and to maximise heat while baking. In addition, the low weight makes them suitable for a variety of uses.

Virtually everywhere. The steel ovens come in a portable version with casters for using them on the terrace, deck or even in the garden. Our range also features small-sized models if space is in short supply. With the tiny Portable compact pizza oven, you will be able to bake even on your balcony.

Gas-fired ovens can be connected to natural gas or to a liquid propane cylinders. You just want to ensure that your chimney is not too close to combustible materials.

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To install an Alfa steel oven, follow just a few simple steps:

  • Unpack the oven and place it on a base or structure.
  • Insert the chimney cowl into the flue.
  • Put the chimney cowl and the flue into the dome of the oven.

If you have a wood-fired oven you can immediately start using it, if you have a gas-fired (or hybrid) model you must confirm if the oven has come in the Natural Gas or Liquid Propane mode by looking in your manual, then match the configuration to your fuel source and connect it. 

For a gas-burning oven, just turn the knob, push the ignition button and adjust the flame. If you have a wood-burning oven, build a fire in the centre of the oven using some dry kindling then add some pieces of hardwood as the fire gets going. Then add some logs of about 5-10 cm in diameter to form enough fire embers to fully heat the oven.

Of course, the bigger the oven, the more firewood you will need to reach the cooking temperature. In the larger models, we recommend moving the fire all over the oven floor to heat it evenly. Use dry, seasoned hardwoods to avoid dense, black smoke that could ruin your dishes.

In terms of heat and aromatic value, the best wood species are oak, applewood and maple. Never use evergreen wood, because it burns fast and can leave heavy deposits of soot and creosote. Learn more about this topic by reading the article in our blog on choosing the firewood with the best heat value.

Pretty much everything you’d cook in an indoor oven. Thanks to the very high temperatures they reach, Alfa ovens are particularly suitable for baking Neapolitan pizza in about one minute at 450 °C (840 °F) but nothing prevents you from using them at lower temperatures to cook bread, roasts, fish, vegetables, puddings and more. Have a look at the Alfa Forni recipes here on their blog. Put a new spin on your dishes, when cooking with a wood-fired or gas Alfa Forni oven.

Keeping your oven clean guarantees safety and better performances. Between baking sessions just scrub the oven floor with a brush to remove food residue and burnt flour; for a deeper cleaning, let the oven cool and use a damp cloth to wipe burnt food away. If you have a wood-burning oven, remove the ashes with a metal shovel when the oven has completely cooled down.

Review Alfa’s article on how to properly maintain your oven and extend its life.

For manufacturing reasons, Alfa can’t make custom-made ovens, but you will certainly find the model that best suits your needs in the shop Alfa Forni Pizza oven section of our website. 

Alfa ovens have great value for money. The price range varies by model, size, collection and by fuel type. And don’t forget some of the accessories like the Hybrid Kit and Peel Kit that take your oven to the next level.