Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe from Ice and Snow


HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats path to Hot Tub in Calgary


Walkway mats have a power in and power out, and can be chained together upto 15 amps on one power supply. The power supply is NOT included with walkway mats.


Entrance mats include the power supply, but only have ONE inlet, so must be at the END of a chain of mats.


Enhance your HeatTrak system with a selection of accessories.

HeatTrak Snow Melting Time Lapse


Your best 4 season backyard or front yard upgrade. Always have maintenance free, and slip free access.

A Portable, Custom System

You have unique snow & ice challenges that are specific to your property. That’s why we engineered the HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting System as a portable, customizable solution that works for you. By connecting mats with watertight cables, you can safely and effectively activate snow melting from the comforts of your home.  

Slip Free with Chevron Embossed Traction Texture

Safer Pathways


HeatTrak Heated Mats are a better solution for slip prevention. HeatTrak Mats continuously melt snow and ice keeping surfaces clear and safe. In addition, the HeatTrak® mats are designed with a continuous chevron pattern to provide extra traction.

HeatTrak Path Through Snow And Ice

Designed for the Elements


The engineers at HeatTrak have taken great care to develop a durable, safe and effective snow and ice melting system. The HeatTrak® products are made of an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making them as durable as automobile tires and allowing them to endure harsh wear. The HeatTrak® products plug directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using its own ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug. 

Watch HeatTrak Mats Melt Snow and Ice in this Timelapse Video

Melting Ice & Snow

It's impressive to watch these HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats melt snow and ice at a rate of 2 inches per hour. And if the snow happens to exceed that pace, not to worry, once the storm ends, the mats will catch up. 

HeatTrak Mats

HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats FAQ

HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats will melt 2 inches of snow per hour. 

The power supply will power up to 14 amps. Each mat has a different amperage draw that’s noted in the description. 

We’ve been testing an entrance mat all winter in Calgary, Alberta, and we’ve yet to see a day where it was so cold that the mat couldn’t melt snow. 

In our experience they’re warm underfoot in most condition, making them a comfortable path from your backdoor to a hot tub or sauna, or a comfy place to stand outside while enjoying the outdoors. 

Great question, Entrance Mats come with a power supply and only have a power input, but no power output. So they must be placed and powered by themselves or they must be the last mat in a series of mats.

Walkwat mats have a short power input at one end of the mat, and a short power output at the other end, making them easy to build into paths. If you need to turn a corner we recommend adding a 20 inch extender. 

Stairway mats have the a short input and a longer output wire at the same edge of the mat. The longer output is designed to make it to the next stair. 

Conquer Winter with a HeatTrak Snow Melting System. 

Engineered to be left out all winter long, just one click activates your HeatTrak Snow & Ice Melting Mats for 2” of removal per hour. HeatTrak mats are the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty.

Plug in your mats and relax

No shoveling. No salting. No slipping. No effort

HeatTrak PRO for Businesses

Keep everyone safe & slip-free with mats designed to cover large spaces. Custom sizes available.

HeatTrak is the inventor and world leader of the original snow melting mats. Melting at a rate of up to 2" per hour, heated mats are the safest, most effective way to remove snow & ice from around your home.