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Best Patio Furniture and Outdoor Accessories suited for Calgary’s Climate

Calgary is one of the most iconic cities in Canada and a fabulous place to live. This is certainly true when you think of the range of properties to buy in the city that have their own outdoor space to enjoy. These spaces allow people to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air while also building new memories with family or friends.

Key to making the most of your home’s outdoor space in Calgary, though, is choosing the best patio furniture and accessories to furnish it. This helps the area to become more appealing to spend time in and more useable as a result. It can also make your property garden more practical for hosting parties and more inviting for people to come over to see. Properly furnishing your home’s outdoor area also means it can be used all-year round and not just when the weather’s good. 

What are the best patio furniture and outdoor accessory choices in Calgary? 

Patio Furniture

One of the best places to start for backyard accessories in Calgary is patio furniture – but what type should you focus on? This depends entirely on personal taste and the exact look you want to create in your backyard. Teak patio furniture, for example, is great for a more traditional look and adding a natural feel to your garden. 

Modern styles can be useful for a more contemporary, sleek finish. Whatever style of patio furniture you go for, you can be sure it will not only improve the visual appeal of any backyard but also give you somewhere to dine out with family or enjoy a coffee with friends.

Cedar Garden Furniture

Making any backyard in Calgary look the best it can be is not just about patio furniture. Stunning cedar furniture can also help – be it an impressive trellis arbor, a classic picnic table or a garden bridge. Items like this can help your whole backyard come alive and allow all of it to become accessible. 

Installing a bridge for example can help visitors to easily move from one end of the garden to another – whilst getting a better view of it at the same time. Cedar garden furniture also looks great and allows you to unleash your inner creativity when improving your outside space.

Fire Pits

A well-designed and expertly crafted fire pit is the perfect addition to any outdoor space in the city. They not only help to improve the look of your backyard but also provide heat/light to make any outdoor area usable year round. 

This can even be handy during spring and fall months when the temperature might drop at night. West Coast Fire Pits is a popular brand and are built to last by artisan craftspeople here in Canada.

Fire Tables

If you fancy something a little different that fire pits, a fire table can make a nice alternative. As the name suggests, these items have a standard table layout but with a stunning fire at the center. This makes them ideal for enjoying drinks with friends and relaxing in some comfortable patio furniture.

Click Here to View Our Elementi Fire Tables

Top brands such as Elementi are made from cast concrete and this means they are able to stay outside in all weathers. Special design features such as auto-shut off safety valves give total peace of mind when in use and they can be powered by natural gas or liquid propane for true flexibility.

Hot Tubs

Another outdoor accessory which can add value and visual appeal to any Calgary home is a premium hot tub. These not only feel truly luxurious to step into but are also the ideal way to relax after a busy day at work. Hot tubs come in a range of sizes too and with various features includes. 

This makes it simple to find one in your budget that can fit into your outdoor space and has design touches like lights or jacuzzi settings which you like. A good tip is to look for hot tubs which have innovative water treatment options included, as these eliminate the need to use chemicals to keep the water safe. 

Outdoor Sauna

If you really want a Calgary backyard which stands out from the crowd, why not think about installing an outdoor sauna? This will be a real talking point when friends come over and also something you will love using regularly. Saunas not only help you feel great but can also help your body sweat out toxins. They also look awesome and can be used in all four seasons. 

Premium Pizza Ovens

Outdoor accessories in Calgary don’t come any better than your very own pizza oven. These are not only easy to use but also allow you to produce tasty home-made pizzas al fresco. Whether it’s weekday family meals or having your parents over for a weekend lunch, these ovens make crafting authentic pizzas simple. As they come in a range of sizes to suit all budgets, finding one to jazz up your outdoor dining menu is no problem. 

Springless Trampolines

Springless trampolines are a classic outdoor accessory for homeowners with kids around Canada. But what makes it such a great choice compared to a standard trampoline with springs? 

The main reason is that springless ones are safer to bounce around on. This is because they don’t have any springs for children to pinch toes, feet, or hands on. There are also no springs for kids to fall on and potentially injure themselves either. 

Easy to erect, these trampolines bring the fun factor into any backyard space and help kids get out into the fresh air to have a great time. The best examples also come with safe surround netting to stop people from bouncing out of the trampoline itself. 

Backyard Canada: Top patio furniture and outdoor accessories in Calgary

Here at Backyard Canada, we are experts at bringing wellness and fun into any Calgary homeowner’s outdoor space. Our range of products includes everything from patio furniture to fire pits and more to improve any property outside space.


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