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5 Interesting Reasons You Must Own a Swim Spa in Canada

Swim spas offer many potential advantages. Here, we’ll look at some of the more prevalent ones.

Reason 1: More Swimming Time

4 Season Swim Spa pools in Canada allow for a much longer swimming season than traditional pools at a lower cost. They are well insulated and hold less water than traditional pools, making them easier and cheaper to heat which allows the swimming season to be extended to at least 6–9 months of the year.

Reason 2: Lower Costs

Buying this variant is a great way to get the benefits of a pool without the hefty price tag. They are far more affordable than an in-ground pool and require much less money to maintain.

If you want to extend your pool’s swimming season, a spa pool may be a more cost-effective option than heating your pool. With it, you can heat the water for much less than it would cost to heat a pool, meaning you can enjoy swimming for longer without breaking the bank.

These have a much smaller amount of water than regular swimming pools, thus needing fewer chemicals for operation. Additionally, there’s no need for equipment like pool cleaners, backwash hoses, or skimmer nets to keep them clean, which means you save money on maintenance costs.

Reason 3: A Smaller Footprint

Spa pools are ideal for people with smaller yards looking to enjoy swimming without taking up a lot of space. Due to their small size, these spas are easy to install and require minimal upkeep, making them hassle-free and convenient. Additionally, they cost much less than full-size pools, making them a great option for people on a budget.

Installing a standard pool can be a time-consuming and expensive process. It usually involves digging up the backyard and taking it apart, which can take several days to weeks. Once the pool is finished, the area will be left in a messy, muddy state that needs to be sodded and landscaped, adding extra time and money to the project.

Swim spas don’t need a lot of work or preparation for installation. They are easy to set up and require little time or effort. All that is needed is a concrete foundation and some basic electrical wiring. They can be quickly implemented, saving time and effort from completely altering your backyard.

Reason 4: Easier Of Maintenance

Today, people have much less free time than before due to their busy lives. As a result, they are not interested in dedicating their limited free time to caring for a pool.

These spas require very minimal maintenance compared to regular pools. They are designed to be smaller and more efficient, meaning they are not exposed to the elements as much and require only a few minutes of upkeep each week.

Reason 5: Pain Relief

Owning one can provide a great deal of relief from muscle and joint pain. The warm water and massage elements offer the perfect combination for relaxation and relief from soreness and stiffness. Soaking for 15–30 minutes can help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery, so you can get back to enjoying your favourite activities.

In Closing

Instead of considering why you shouldn’t get one, owning a spa pool is a good idea for plenty of valid reasons. Remember these five and enjoy!

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