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The Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater, a masterpiece of sauna technology that blends energy efficiency with state-of-the-art control.



    Introducing the Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater, a masterpiece of sauna technology that blends energy efficiency with state-of-the-art control. Designed for those who seek the ultimate sauna experience, this heater features a wall mount design with a heat deflector and vented body, ensuring optimal heat distribution and efficiency. Crafted from pure stainless steel, it promises durability and a sleek, modern look.

    But what truly sets the Elite™ ‘R’ series apart is its advanced SSB-SAUNA Control System. Equipped with a black LCD Keypad control and remote temperature sensor, this system puts unparalleled control at your fingertips, allowing for precise temperature adjustments. The inclusion of speakers, with a 28ft extension cable, invites you to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds, enhancing your sauna sessions with the power of music. The system also features a main pcb circuit board with enclosure, a terminal block, and a pre-wired contactor for heaters over 6KW, ensuring a seamless and safe sauna experience.

    For those who appreciate the convenience of modern technology, the Bluetooth pcb circuit board allows for wireless connectivity, enabling you to control your sauna’s atmosphere with ease. The Elite™ ‘R’ series also boasts industrial-grade silver solder Incoloy elements, offering exceptional durability and performance. Running on 240 volts and including Mercuri controls for added precision, this heater is the epitome of heavy-duty grade craftsmanship.

    With its triple stainless wall construction, the Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater is not just a heating unit; it’s an invitation to indulge in a sauna experience that caters to your senses. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or entertain guests with a luxurious spa day at home, the Elite™ ‘R’ series delivers on all fronts, providing warmth, ambiance, and unmatched control.


    Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater Features

    • Energy efficient
    • Wall mount
    • Heat deflector and vented body design
    • Pure stainless steel construction
    • Sauna stones included
    • Industrial grade silver soler incoloy elements
    • 240 volts
    • SSB Sauna Control System included
    • Triple stainless wall construction
    • Heavy duty grade


    SSB-SAUNA Control System Includes

    • Black LCD Keypad control,
    • Remote temp sensor,
    • 2 Speakers (pair)
    • 28 foot extension cable for speakers
    • Main pcb circuit board with enclosure
    • Terminal block
    • Pre-wired contactor (over 6KW)
    • Bluetooth pcb circuit board

    4000 watts – 240V, 5000 watts – 240V, 6000 watts – 240V, 7500 watts – 240V, 9000 watts – 240V

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