Our solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and helps to ensure proper air circulation inside your dome too keep it cool and prevent mold.


    Our solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and helps to ensure proper air circulation inside your dome too, especially since assisted air circulation plays such a major role in preventing moisture condensation and heat build-up inside your dome.

    These fans are particularly popular during summer and of course in warm climates too, as it provides extra cooling that’s always welcome.

    No external power source is required, but the fan has a power cord in case you have electricity in your dome. On sunny days, when it is most required, this solar fan comes on automatically.

    Durable Fan Case

    Fully assembled solar roof fan comes with fixed solar panel on top and strong galvanized steel unibody fan casing, finished with rust-proof anti-UV powder coating, compact design all in one unit. Both practical in use and generous on appearance.

    SIPL Patented Air Draft Design
    Following a 360-degree swirl ventilation mode, SIPL patented air draft — wind guide cone with 24pcs turbine wind guide blades, comes for higher efficiency, less drag, faster exhaust, not letting any exterior air going in and preventing the rains or wind from flowing backward.


    3 aluminum axial fan blades; Brushless DC motor in high quality, no carbon brush, no mechanical commutation, no operation dissipation, ensure higher efficiency, better performance without noise and longer lifespan.

    Smart Controlled Dual Power Supply for 24 hour Running

    With SIPL smart controller & the dual power adapter, SIPL solar fan can automatically switch to mains supply to run nonstop in sunless periods efficiently. When the sun rises, the solar panel will generate power again to directly drive fan motor, while grid power will exit automatically to save electricity.

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