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Party 912 Hot Tub – Be Well Canada Spas

If you’re looking for bang for your buck, this is the hot tub for you. It has over 70 jets, 2 Gecko, 7 BHP Pumps, and a Champaign bucket to bring the party!

$14,900.00 $16,900.00

WiFi Control

Monitor and Control your spa from anywhere with an internet connection.

Gecko In.Touch 2 Wifi Control
Gecko in.Touch 2 WiFi Hot Tub Control $299.00

Hot Tub Audio

Gecko In Stream 2 Hot Tub Audio System
Gecko in.Stream 2 Hot Tub Audio $899.00

Water Treatment

Make your spa easier and less expensive to maintain by adding water treatment. We recommend Ozone / UVC and Clearblue to minimize chemical usage.

Ozone Water Treatment Upgrade $199.00
Ozone and UVC Hot Tub Water Treatment
Ozone and UVC Water Treatment System $599.00
Clearblue Mineralizer Ionizer Water Treatment
ClearBlue Mineralizer Ionizer A-400AP-TS $599.00
Order total:

Pay a deposit $4,470.00

    If you’re looking for bang for your buck with a lounger seat, you’ve found your Hot Tub Calgary. Extremely well constructed with features way beyond its price. The Party 912 by Be Well Canada Spas is Made in Canada for Canada from Canadian Parts, including 2 huge premium Gecko jet pumps, that power an impressive 78 jet hot tub. Every seat is an experience, with the full body lounger taking the cake. Complete with a champagne bucket for all your drinks, this spa will take care of all your needs. Equipped with ozone water treatment with an option to add the Clearblue Mineralizer, this Made in Canada hot tub is one of our most popular Calgary hot tubs.

    6 Seats
    Weights: 3940 Lbs Full | 750 Lbs Empty
    Volume: 1450 Litres


    • 1 Dual Speed Pump: 3hp | 7bhp
    • 1 Single Speed Pumps: 3hp | 7bhp
    • Electricity: 240V | GFCI 60A


    • Spa Cover 5″/3″
    • Backlit Control Valves
    • 1-1/2″ Reflective Thermal Barrier Insulation
    • Chromotherapy Lights
    • K1000 Gecko Touchscreen
    • Gecko Control System
    • 2 Backlit Fountain
    • Champagne Bucket
    • Gecko Wifi In.Touch.2
    • Ozone Water Treatment
    • LEDs Along Water Line

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