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Introducing the Huum Sauna Stove: The Ultimate in Relaxation and Luxury

The Huum Sauna Stove and Bench are the latest additions to Huum’s line of high-quality sauna accessories. Whether you’re relaxing in your sauna, or you’re hosting a party or business event, it gives you the power to completely customize your relaxation experience. Heating up in just 15 minutes, the stove allows you to adjust its temperature from 80°C up to 140°C, which means that you can heat it to exactly the temperature that feels right for your unique body and mind.

Before you can understand the Huum Sauna Stove, you have to understand what sauna stoves are supposed to do. These are supposed to heat your sauna to facilitate the sauna experience, thereby enhancing your relaxation and resulting in positive effects on your health and well-being. And while it might be easy to assume that any old stove will do this, that’s not necessarily true; some key features make one stove better than another.

Features of the Sauna Stove

The Huum Sauna Stove is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation. Forget about having to deal with messy wood or coal, or even those old-fashioned electric sauna heaters that take forever to warm up the room. With our heater, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna experience without any of the hassles. It’s ready to go right out of the box, with no assembly required! There are many amazing features of this sauna heater that makes it a perfect addition to your personal space:

1. Heats Up Quickly

The Huum Sauna Stove uses electricity so it starts heating up quickly. It also has a thermostat that will shut off automatically when your desired temperature is reached. This means you can focus on letting go and enjoying your sauna session instead of worrying about keeping track of time!

2. Perfect for any size room

We know not everyone has a big, luxurious bathroom in their home which is why this electric sauna heater works great in any size room. No matter how much space you have to spare, our heater will make sure your entire body gets an evenly heated treatment.

3. Doesn’t Create Odors

We all want to relax in a clean and refreshing environment. That’s why we made sure our electric sauna heater in Canada emits no smoke or odours. Whether you use ours as a standalone product or use it as part of an existing installation, your surroundings will always be fresh!

4. Easy Installation

It comes equipped with easy instructions for setup and doesn’t require any additional tools to complete installation. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided and you’ll be good to go within minutes!

5. Portable Design

This sauna stove in Canada may look like just another appliance but it offers portability due to its lightweight design and low-voltage power source, making it easy for anyone to move around from one location to another.

How Does it Help You Relax & Detoxify?

The Huum Sauna Stove is the best way to detoxify and relax. It heats your sauna while also emitting infrared waves, which emit heat deep into the body to help detoxify you. This unit also features a digital display that allows you to set your desired temperature between 40-140 degrees Celsius. Along with its versatility, this electric sauna heater in Canada is energy efficient and has low running costs. You’ll never want another sauna stove again!

Amazing Benefits

The Huum Sauna Stove is a top-of-the-line electric sauna heater that provides even heat to your sauna. There are many benefits of using this. Here are just a few of them:

1. Cost Efficient

It’s efficient, reliable, and has minimal operating costs – it only consumes 5-10 watts per hour! Compare this to other heating methods like fireplaces which can consume up to 100 watts per hour or gas heating units which can consume up to 600 watts per hour! This translates into lower energy bills for you.

2. Peaceful Living Environment

Using electricity as an alternate fuel source means that no hazardous fumes or pollutants will be emitted from the stove. And because there is no carbon monoxide, there will be less need for ventilation in the area where your sauna is located.

3. Ideal Temperature Control Options

Once you’ve switched on your Huum Sauna Stove, you can use it to control temperatures. You can turn up or down your thermostat at any time you please with a simple switch. If someone’s using your sauna while you’re not around, they can also change their preferred temperature without having to wait for you to return.


We at HUUM have designed a sauna stove that provides both a relaxing experience and an efficient heating solution. It’s no wonder so many people buy our electric sauna heater in Canada and electric sauna heater because they offer the best of all worlds. We’ve streamlined the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you to get your very own electric sauna heater Canada or electric sauna heater because we understand just how important relaxation is to your health. There’s no better way to relieve stress than with a soothing session in your very own home spa!

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