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Fire Pits: Safe & Responsible Usage

If you have an outdoor fire pit, safety should always be considered to protect those around you. Fire pits offer a luxurious experience, giving off warm, cozy feelings that always impress. But how do you use a fire pit safely? At Backyard Canada, we offer great quality fire pits because we care about the well-being of our customers. To best utilize your new fire pit, you should know some safety tips beforehand. 

A Basic Overview of Calgary Regulations For Fire Pits 

Calgary’s local government has some regulations in place when it comes to using fire pits in your backyard. These regulations include the size, location, and time you can use your fire pit. According to the official Calgary government website, some regulations that overview fire pits include the following: 

  • Backyard fire pits must be built in the ground, on stone or brick, or in a fire-proof container.
  • Portable fire pits can be used on a patio deck. But they must be placed on brick or stone rather than directly on wood.
  • Fire pits must be at least two meters from your property line.
  • Fire pits must not be under branches, trees, plants, or other flammable materials.
  • A mesh screen or spark guard should be used. These screens reduce the spread of embers and sparks from wood-burning fire pits.
  • Always have a nearby means of putting out the fire, such as a watering hose or a bucket of water. 
  • Outdoor fires aren’t allowed to be ignited or allowed to burn on a premise during the following times:
    • between 12:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday; or
    • between 1:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday.

These are just a small section of the government regulations surrounding fire pits in Calgary. It’s important to learn about these regulations, as they are meant to keep your backyard safe. They are especially important when pets and children are nearby. Following these rules helps keep them safe and can prevent accidents from occurring.

Always Pay Attention to the Fire Ban Status 

A fire ban status informs people about whether there’s a fire ban in your location. It also details the reasons for the restriction and any further regulations related to the nature of fires.

If you want to check the current fire ban status, you can do so through Canada’s Fire Bans announcement page.

Make Sure You’re Burning The Right Firewood 

If you are burning wood in your backyard pit, the type of firewood used can impact the environment. Alberta has been free from Dutch Elm Disease, a fungal disease that spreads to elm trees from elm bark beetles. While there are current proactive measures, transporting untreated firewood from one region to another is a risk and illegal. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, it is illegal to transport firewood out of regulated areas without a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) permit.

Therefore, you should follow these tips to ensure that you’re using firewood that’s safe and legal to use in your area: 

  • Buy certified, heat-treated firewood and local firewood only within 80 km of your home
  • Do not bring firewood into any Alberta National Park or national park in Canada to burn in your fireplace
  • Do not take firewood out of any campground you’ve been in recently
  • Always tell others about the legal and environmental dangers of moving firewood from long distances 

When selecting and purchasing a fire pit, you can reduce some of the risks involved by purchasing fire pits that use propane, gel fuel, or natural gas instead of wood. These alternatives help reduce the potential of burning untreated wood and other flammable materials and keep your backyard safe, especially with the addition of a mesh screen to protect yourself and others from the flames. 

What About Using a Fire Pit Near a Hot Tub? 

Having just a fire pit in your backyard patio can add to the experience, but what if you have a hot tub? Although it may sound like there won’t be any issues, there are still some safety concerns you should consider when installing your fire pit near a hot tub in your backyard. In short, ensure a safe distance between your fire pit and hot tub, and even hot tubs have safety regulations concerning how they’re spaced in your backyard, the water levels acceptable, and their location to nearby objects. Some hot tubs even require building permits before installation, especially if the hot tub is located on a patio, in a gazebo, or near other related structures.

When designing your backyard space, always compare the regulations for hot tubs and fire pits to ensure that your space is aesthetically pleasing and safe from harm. A general rule is to keep your fire pit at least 6 meters away from any structures that can catch fire, but check in with local regulations first before placing and starting your fire pit. 

Design Your Patio Effectively With Backyard Canada 

At Backyard Canada, we focus on providing outstanding service with our selection of quality backyard patio products. From luxurious hot tubs to outdoor sectionals, we focus on allowing people to enjoy their backyard no matter the season by providing products with high-quality materials and unique, fashionable designs. For more information about our products, call us at 587-855-9938 or fill out our contact form to get started with your order. 


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