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Explore Hot Tub Styles in Calgary: Clearwater Spas & Be Well Canada Spas

Transforming your Calgary home’s outdoor space into a tranquil sanctuary is easy with the perfect hot tub. With many hot tub styles available in the market, choosing the ideal model can be challenging. In this ultimate guide, we’ll focus on the vast range of hot tub styles offered by Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas, two esteemed brands providing top-quality and stylish hot tubs perfect for Calgary’s climate.

We’ll delve into the diverse collections that cater to different lifestyles, requirements, and preferences, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your backyard retreat. From seating capacities and jet configurations to energy efficiency and added features, we’ll guide you toward the perfect hot tub for your outdoor oasis. 

Get ready to explore the exciting world of hot tub styles and take the first step towards transforming your Calgary backyard into a revitalizing haven for relaxation and leisure.

Clearwater Spas Collection Overview

Clearwater Spas is a renowned hot tub manufacturer known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. With over four decades of experience in the industry, this brand offers a wide range of hot tub styles in its collections. The various lines include the Resort, Beachcraft, Contempo, and 5-Star Series, each providing a unique set of features and customization options.

Exploring Clearwater Spas’ Collections

1. Resort Series: This luxurious collection combines style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. With spacious seating arrangements, customizable jet configurations, and premium LED lighting, the Resort Series is designed for ultimate relaxation. The standout feature of this collection is Clearwater Spas’ exclusive RIM System, a patented insulation process that provides superior energy efficiency.

2. Beachcraft Series: Perfect for families and those who love to entertain, the Beachcraft Series offers a wide range of customizable options in terms of size and seating capacity. These hot tubs also come with multi-level seating, multi-coloured LED lighting, and optional water features, enhancing the overall experience.

3. Contempo Series: For the ultimate modern design, the Contempo Series features sleek, clean lines combined with top-of-the-line hydrotherapy systems. These hot tubs offer adjustable stainless steel massage jets, energy-efficient heating systems, and ozone water purification technology. The elegant visual appeal makes this collection an ideal choice for contemporary outdoor spaces.

4. 5-Star Series: The premium selection within the Clearwater Spas range, the 5-Star Series combines luxury, comfort, and exclusive features to provide the ultimate hot tub experience. These models come with advanced massage systems, advanced water management technology, and customizable options for convenience and relaxation.

Be Well Canada Spas Collection Overview

Be Well Canada Spas is a Canadian-based hot tub manufacturing company. This brand focuses on using eco-friendly materials, optimizing energy efficiency, and providing unparalleled massage systems in their hot tubs. Their ranges include the E, O, and Executive Series, each designed to cater to specific preferences and requirements.

Exploring Be Well Canada Spas’ Collections

1. E-Series: Designed with elegance and efficiency in mind, the E-Series offers a variety of options for new and experienced hot tub owners alike. These hot tubs come with high-quality insulation systems, ergonomic seating arrangements, and customizable LED lighting. Additionally, Be Well Canada Spas incorporates ozone water management technology for easy maintenance and longer spa life.

2. O-Series: The O-Series emphasizes comfort and hydrotherapy, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their well-being. Featuring therapeutic massage systems, ergonomic seats, and fully adjustable stainless steel jets, this collection provides a relaxing experience in the comfort of your backyard.

3. Executive Series: As the name suggests, the Executive Series is designed for premium luxury and relaxation. These hot tubs offer cutting-edge features like a Bluetooth audio system, contoured hydrotherapy seats, and top-tier energy efficiency combined with ultra-quiet circulation pumps. The Executive Series truly stands out as the pinnacle of hot tub luxury.

Comparing Hot Tub Styles for Your Calgary Home

Now that we’ve explored the collections offered by both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas, it’s essential to consider the factors that will help you choose the ideal hot tub for your backyard oasis:

1. Seating Capacity: Assess the size of your family and how many people you’d like to accommodate in your hot tub. Both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas offer a range of seating capacities, from intimate 2-seater options to spacious models that can accommodate eight or more people.

2. Massage Systems: Therapeutic massage systems are crucial factors to consider. Clearwater Spas provides customizable jet configurations to target specific muscle groups and improve circulation, while Be Well Canada Spas offers excellent hydrotherapy with premium massage jets and ergonomic designs.

3. Energy Efficiency: Hot tubs can consume a considerable amount of energy, primarily when used frequently or for extended periods. Both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas prioritize energy efficiency in their designs, incorporating insulation systems and energy-saving technology.

4. Aesthetics and Design: Your hot tub should enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Clearwater Spas’ sleek Contempo Series and Be Well Canada Spas’ elegant E-Series are excellent choices for modern designs, while the Resort Series and O-Series offer casual elegance suited for diverse outdoor styles.

5. Customization: Options like lighting systems, sound systems, and water features can significantly enhance your hot tub experience. Customize your spa according to your preferences, as both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas offer various options for added enjoyment.

By considering these factors and exploring the collections offered by both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect hot tub style for your Calgary home, catered to your unique requirements and preferences. The ultimate backyard retreat awaits as you embark on the exciting journey of hot tub ownership.

Concluding Thoughts on Hot Tub Selection

Choosing the perfect hot tub for your Calgary home requires careful consideration of your lifestyle, preferences, and backyard space. Both Clearwater Spas and Be Well Canada Spas offer an extensive range of hot tub styles to suit your unique needs and create an ideal backyard retreat. 

By exploring their diverse collections and focusing on the essential factors highlighted in this guide, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision. Remember, investing in a hot tub means investing in your well-being and enjoyment, so take your time and select the right model for your outdoor sanctuary.

Ready to begin your journey towards the perfect backyard retreat? Visit Backyard Canada today to explore an extensive range of Clearwater Spas, Be Well Canada Spas, and other premium outdoor living products designed to enhance your at-home oasis. Your dream hot tub awaits!

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