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Clearwater Broadmoor Hot Tub Calgary Review

The Broadmoor by Clearwater Spas is one of our most popular hot tub spas we carry at Backyard Canada in Calgary. It’s the sibling of the Concordia, but with a lounger. It has most of the bells and whistles of the Pearl Island at a very affordable price. With a large entry steps (seat 6) that expand into an oversized, diamond traction patterned floor, this tub is easy for all ages to navigate.

Before we start, it’s important to know some basic jet workings of a hot tub. Essentially every jet in the tub can be turned on and off individually or in groups with the 7 diverters or individually at the jet. Worth noting that diverts area an areas many manufacturers skimp on, limiting your control or the power you can devote to seats.

And in the Broadmoor if you don’t run any of the jet pumps your tub is still circulating water with the whisper quiet recirculation pump. So you can choose to run the waterfalls and create a very relaxing environment.

When it’s time to feel the amazing hydrotherapy effects of your beautiful hot tub, the touch control will easily turn on your pumps to power one, some or all of your seats. There are diverters that allow you to direct water to different seats of entirely to one of the giant footwell jets.

Starting with the Lounger at seat 1 with 18 dedicated jets, literally from head to toe. Eight 3/4″ jets, cover the legs, staring under your feet, the upto your lower calf, upper calf and finally your hamstrings. The jet’s are the perfect size for these areas, with a nice wide massage force. And each jet can be individually turn off, with a simple quarter turn, giving you full control over yo experience. Moving to the back, ten quarter inch jets cover your back. Start at the bottom are two centered jets massage your back and lower spine. Moving into your mid back and shoulder, the jets spread out for great coverage across this area of your back. finally at the top are 2 neck jets. The lounger is a great feature to experience. It has a dedicated pump, so you know your getting all the power required for such a defining feature for this hot tub.

Moving to seat 2, this is a good rest seat with just two massage jets, one on your tailbone the other on your mid-back. You can take advantage of the huge foot jets from this seat, but really seat 3, is the best seat for that experience.

Seat 3 is secretly one of the best seats in the hot tub. Contoured arm rests support the lower arms, allowing your shoulders to relax, so the two neck and trapezius jets can do their job. You’re perfectly positioned to massage the bottom of your feet with the enormous inch and a quarter footwell jets. These jets are so large you can direct all the power from a pump into them. There are also two hip jets that are perfect for lower back tension carried around where your belt sits. The back of this seat is also increible, there are 5 spinning jets, three along the shoulder blade area of your back with 2 ports each do a great job of releasing tension for me. Then there are two single port spinning jets that cover the muscles on either side of the spine. This is going to be one of the favour seats in the tub.

Seat 4 is smaller seat, and is great for smaller kids and adults that want to get their shoulders out of the water. This seat also sits in front of

the illuminated triple arch fountain water feature of the tub. But this can be turned off when this seat is being used.

Seat 5 is a vertical lounger with great massage experiences from back to calfs. This is also the best seat for your arms, and wrists. You’ll find that you move your lower arms and hands around on these four, half inch jets. You’ll be able to feel the tension from all the phone and computer typing melt away. Not to be outdone the back massage in this chair is awesome with six spinning jets, you’ll enjoy great massage on your whole back.

Seat 6 is the entry step and a great cooldown or kids seat. Ideal for 2 kids or one adult. the water line sits around the middle of my stomach.

Overall, the 51 jets of this are well powered with 2 Jets pumps, plus 7 diverters give you control of all the pumps power. A 24/7 circulation pump means your water is always being cleaned by the ozone and UVC treatment, and filter by the 100 SQFT of filtration. You will love how the water feels when you’re in it, and you won’t smell like chlorine when you get out, with properly maintained water.

Overall, the Broadmoor is a high value, quality hot tub by Clearwater Spas really is built better than most of the tubs on the market. Clearwater is known for not cutting corners and you can tell with this amazing hot tub. With a more jets, better water treatment, and one even two extra pumps than comparably priced tubs at this price point. My favourite hard to spot feature of the tub is the backing of the shell. EcoSpray is a Clearwater exclusive technology that creates a much thicker and more sound absorbing shell. So even with all the pumps on, you can easily have a normal conversation. The one caveat to that is that the shoulder jets of seat 3 need to be turned off, because they’re the loudest component of the hot tub when it’s running full blast. If you’d like to book a viewing of the Broadmoor, visit the product page and click the button on the right.

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