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STEAMCORE™ Pro-Series Commercial Steam Generator

Pro-Series Package Features

  • Surgical Stainless Steel boiler tank
  • Industrial large diameter low density incoloy heating elemen



    The Steamcore Pro-Series is a commercial steam generator unit designed to last through the rigours of daily extended use. The Pro-Series of steam generators are top choice for commercial applications and high-demand customers, like fitness centres, gyms, condos, hotels, and luxury homes.


    Available from 9 KW to 36 KW and in 600 volt versions for an extra charge, the Steamcore Pro-Series models of commercial steam generators feature the highest quality components and backed by years of proven reliability. Each unit is carefully inspected and mechanically tested to provide unsurpassed performance. Unique engineering innovations ensure that any Steamcore model will meet the needs of almost every type of high-traffic steam room.


    Made in Canada by Saunacore, the STEAMCORE Pro-Series commercial steam generator will last a lifetime. When it needs maintenance parts, they’ll ship quickly from the Canadian manufacturer, so you can ensure you or your client will have minimal down time. The positive effects of steam bathing have been known for many years. There are excellent healing attributes of both saunas and steam baths, but the steam bath is especially good for respiratory troubles like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. Steam bathing has a variety of health benefits that we discuss in more detail here. 


    Pro-Series Steam Generator Package Features

    • Commercial Steam Generator
    • Surgical Stainless Steel boiler tank
    • Industrial large diameter low density incoloy heating element (300 series)
    • Automatic Rinse and Flush operation – Factory installed
    • Elegance Steamheads with aroma oil reservoir
    • Made in Canada
    • Available in 600 Volt Version
    • Includes SSI Control

    Sizing and Selection

    Measure the length, width and height (in feet) of the steam shower. Multiply

    the three measurements together to get the basic volume in cubic feet.

    L x W x H = CUBIC FEET x multiplier

    Wall Finish of Shower (is multiplied by)

    Acrylic, cultured marble

    Ceramic Tile on Cement Board 1.25

    Ceramic Tile on Mortar Bed 1.30

    Glass or Glass Block 1.20

    Porcelain tile on Cement Board 1.60

    NATURAL STONE TILE (granite, marble, slate)

    On Mortar Board 2.00

    Natural Stone Slabs over 1/2” thick 2.25

    Each Exterior Wall(s) insulated 1.10



    A ceramic steam shower with the dimensions 7ft length by 5ft wide and

    7ft high (7ft x 5ft x 7ft = 245), is 245 Cubic feet.

    Since the steam shower has ceramic wall finishes, it then requires a 25%

    cubic footage increase.


    (Ceramic tile) 25% x (steam shower) 245 = 61.25 ft

    The wall finish cubic feet is then added to the original dimensions to

    calculate the total cubic footage, which in this case is 306.25ft.

    (ceramic tile) 61.25 + (steam shower) 245 = 306.25 ft


    Now select the next size of Steamcore Commercial Steam Generator model that exceeds

    the calculated room cubic feet. This case the KWS (9000 watts)

    generator is required. If there is doubt in size, it is recommended to

    choose the next larger size.


    9000 watts, 10,500 watts, 12,000 watts, 13,500 watts, 15,000 watts, 18,000 watts, 22,500 watts, 27,000 watts, 31,500 watts, 36,000 watts

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