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Barrel Sauna – 6 Foot Diameter – Knotty Cedar

Barrel Saunas are the most classic of all the sauna styles. Their round shape creates a convection current to evenly heat the sauna.



Porch Options

Cove Kit on the front of a Barrel Sauna
Overhang Cove Kit For 6 Foot Barrel - (14pcs) $200.00
Front Porch Option on a Barrel Sauna
2 Foot Porch Option $1,000.00

Window Options

2 Windows on front of Barrel Sauna
2 Windows in Front Wall - Barrel Option $350.00
2 Bench Windows
2 Bench Windows in Back Wall - Barrel Option $350.00
Rectangular Window in Back Wall - Barrel Option $280.00

Heater Selection

Harvia Sauna Heater
Harvia 6KW Electric Heater w/Rocks $1,662.00
Huum DROP 6KW - Electric Sauna Heater - 180-350 ft³ $1,403.00
Huum Hive Mini Sauna Heater with Rocks
HUUM HIVE Mini 6KW Electric Sauna Heater - 175-280 ft³ $2,205.00
Homecraft Revive Sauna Heater 6kw $1,575.00
Homecraft H-Series Sauna Heater 6kw $1,030.00
Order total:

    Backyard Canada’s beautiful 6′ diameter knotty red cedar barrel sauna comes in several lengths, and will transform how you use your backyard. We recommend a 240v 8KW or 9KW electric heater on most sizes, that makes operation of your sauna as easy as turning it on.


    Barrel Saunas are the most classic of all the sauna styles. Their round shape creates a convection current to evenly heat the sauna, and their round shape is impressively strong when bound tight. Often used for rental saunas on trailers, these robust barrel saunas are made of thick grade A dimensional lumber. Their large thermal mass recovers quickly after the door is opened, and maintains heat even on the coldest Canadian winter days.


    Beware of “Canadian Materials” and look for Made in Canada of Canadian Materials. These premium quality barrel saunas are backed by one of Canada’s oldest sauna manufacturers with a 5 year warranty. And if you do need to take advantage of that warranty, parts are shipped within days from inside Canada. But don’t worry about that, as these barrel saunas are overbuilt to ensure lifelong enjoyment. Marine Grade strong aluminum bands tighten this barrel making is solid and easily able to carry large snow loads. Contact us for custom options like upgraded benches, roofs and more.



    • Towel hooks
    • Solid cedar door frame with full glass bronze tempered window
    • Marine grade aluminum bands with stainless steel tightenging hardware
    • Solid Canadian Knotty cedar construction
    • Easy to assemble – assembly option available in some markets
    • Opening vent on back wall and under heater for faster heating and ventilation
    • 5 Year Warranty on Parts
    • Delivery Available Across Canada!
    • Pictures show various 6 Foot Barrel Sauna Sizes and Optional Upgrades



    Made in Canada

    Available in 4, 6, 7 and 8 Foot Lengths

    Available in Knotty and Clear Cedar (contact us for custom pricing)

    Roof Options Available

    Upgraded Bench Options Available

    Electric Heating Options Available


    Dundalk Leisurecraft Knotty Red Cedar Barrel Sauna


    Assembly Instruction for the Dundalk Leisurecraft Knotty Red Cedar Barrel Sauna


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