Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater – Saunacore

  • Energy efficient
  • Wallmount
  • Pure stainless steel construction
  • Mercuri controls
  • 4000 Watts to 10500 Watts</



    Introducing the Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater by Saunacore, a marvel of modern sauna technology that blends chic design with unmatched durability. This model stands out not only for its appearance but also for its innovative functionality. At its core, the Steam Vaporizer model is engineered to elevate your sauna experience with approximately 40-50% more humidity, thanks to its unique water reservoir. This feature allows you to manually introduce water into the tank, transforming your sauna sessions with a richer, more invigorating steam.


    Beyond its humidifying prowess, this heater is a testament to Saunacore’s commitment to energy efficiency and robust construction. With a power range from 4,000 Watts to an impressive 10,500 Watts, it offers versatility to accommodate a variety of sauna sizes and preferences. The pure stainless steel construction not only ensures longevity but also adds a touch of elegance to your sauna space.


    The Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater is equipped with the Mercuri controls, providing precision and ease of use that Saunacore customers have come to expect. These controls allow for seamless management of your sauna’s environment, ensuring that your experience is always just right.


    Not to be overlooked, the heater’s design includes a heat deflector and vented body, optimizing the distribution of steam and heat within the sauna. Additionally, the use of industrial-grade silver solder Incoloy elements underscores the heater’s commitment to quality and durability.


    In summary, the Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater by Saunacore redefines what it means to have a premium sauna experience. With its ability to significantly increase humidity, energy-efficient operation, and sleek, durable design, it represents the pinnacle of sauna heating innovation. Whether you’re looking to relax, rejuvenate, or simply escape the chill of the outside world, this heater is designed to make every moment in your sauna an exquisite one.


    Steam Vaporizer Sauna Heater Features

    • Mercuri digital control INCLUDED
    • Entire body stainless steel
    • Energy efficient
    • Wall mounted
    • Heat deflector and vented body design
    • Heavy duty grade
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Steam vaporizer tank
    • Sauna stones included
    • 4000 to 10500 watts / 240 volt
    • Special voltage upgrade available upon request
    • 38.1cm x 25cm x 60cm


    Mercuri Digital Heater Control Features

    • Time tested, simple design and functionality
    • Compact, energy efficient electronic sauna controller.
    • Precise time and temperature read-out and control.
    • Controller automatically stores last used setup data for next use
    • Can be configured for both 120Vac or 240Vac operation.
    • Easily configurable between Celsius or Fahrenheit readouts.
    • Series of self-diagnostics and alarms for extended safety.
    • Auto- detects temperature sensor failure, prevents sauna operation in over temperature condition.
    • Fits standard 3-Gang electrical box
    • Additional aux output able to control device of your choosing, i.e. radio, lights, fan, or any other device with current rating below 10A 120Vac.

    10500 watts – 240V, 4000 watts – 240V, 5000 watts – 240V, 6000 watts – 240V, 7500 watts – 240V, 9000 watts – 240V

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