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Elite ‘R’ Series Sauna Heater w/ Mercuri Control System – Saunacore

The Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater, a masterpiece of sauna technology that blends energy efficiency with state-of-the-art control.



    Elevate your sauna experience with the Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater, a model of efficiency and sophistication. This heater, designed to be mounted on the wall, saves space while adding a modern touch to your sauna. Its heat deflector and vented body design ensure even heat distribution, creating a comfortable and consistent sauna environment.


    Constructed entirely from pure stainless steel, the Elite™ ‘R’ series stands out for its durability and sleek appearance. This heavy-duty grade heater is built to last, featuring a triple stainless wall construction that enhances both its strength and energy efficiency.


    At the core of this sauna heater are industrial-grade silver solder Incoloy elements, designed to provide reliable and efficient heating. These elements, combined with a 240-volt operation, make the Elite™ ‘R’ series a powerful solution for any sauna.


    The inclusion of the Mercuri Control System brings precision control to your fingertips. This advanced control system allows for accurate adjustments of time and temperature, ensuring your sauna experience is exactly how you like it. The system is user-friendly, with easy configurations for different voltages and temperature readouts in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


    Adding to the luxury, sauna stones are included with the heater, ready to radiate heat and create the soothing steam that saunas are known for. With the Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater, you’re not just installing a heater; you’re investing in an experience that combines traditional sauna elements with modern technology for unparalleled relaxation and wellness.


    Elite™ ‘R’ series Sauna Heater Features

    • Energy efficient
    • Wall mount
    • Heat deflector and vented body design
    • Pure stainless steel construction
    • Sauna stones included
    • Industrial grade silver soler incoloy elements
    • 240 volts
    • Mercuri Control System included
    • Triple stainless wall construction
    • Heavy duty grade


    Mercuri Digital Heater Control Features

    • Time tested, simple design and functionality
    • Compact, energy efficient electronic sauna controller.
    • Precise time and temperature read-out and control.
    • Controller automatically stores last used setup data for next use
    • Can be configured for both 120Vac or 240Vac operation.
    • Easily configurable between Celsius or Fahrenheit readouts.
    • Series of self-diagnostics and alarms for extended safety.
    • Auto- detects temperature sensor failure, prevents sauna operation in over temperature condition.
    • Fits standard 3-Gang electrical box
    • Additional aux output able to control device of your choosing, i.e. radio, lights, fan, or any other device with current rating below 10A 120Vac.

    4000 watts – 240V, 5000 watts – 240V, 6000 watts – 240V, 7500 watts – 240V, 9000 watts – 240V

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