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HUUM CLIFF Safety Railing

4 Boxes of Stones – Preselected for the Huum Drop Heaters – To enhance the design and create a more soothing steam experience in your HUUM heater, we suggest using rounde


Huum Controller Options

Your Huum electric heater requires a controller to turn the heater on and off.

HUUM UKU Local $967.00
Huum Uku Sauna Controller with Wifi Enabled
HUUM UKU Wi-Fi $1,488.00
HUUM UKU Glass Wi-Fi Electric Sauna Heater Control
HUUM UKU Glass Wi-Fi $2,200.00
Huum Uku Mirror Controller
HUUM UKU Mirror Glass Wi-Fi $2,200.00
Huum Uku Gold Wifi Controller
HUUM UKU Gold Glass Wi-Fi $2,200.00
Order total:

    The safety railing for CLIFF heaters helps to avoid accidental contact with hot heaters. It consists of light wood profiles. The safety railing is a good way to make the sauna event even safer and at the same time, it adds style to the heater.

    Dimensions: 545 x 545 mm

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