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Brio (Gas & Wood) – Alfa Forni Pizza Oven

The “zesty” oven you were looking for! The Brio is the best of both worlds, use wood for events and gas for a quick dinner! 


Brio at la



    The “zesty” oven you were looking for! The Brio is the best of both worlds, use wood for events and gas for a quick dinner! 


    Brio at last! Here’s the new Alfa Forni’s 2-pizza gas-fired oven. Brio is the oven that heats up so quicky that you can eat your first pizza in just 30 minutes.


    Bring home the Brio to cook the real Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds!


    Alfa’s R&D team has succeeded in producing an oven capable of retaining as much  heat as possible by limiting heat loss after a careful study of the cooking chamber’s proportions and fluid flows protected by the Alfa Flue System™ patent; in this way, the heat is trapped for a long time inside the Alfa high-density fire bricks so that they reach the good temperature for an even cooking.


    Choose how to set up your kitchen nook with an Alfa oven: the Brio comes in the top version so that you can place it on an existing surface in the garden, mount it on its dedicated base or install it on the Alfa multifunction table




    The wheeled base comes with a bottom shelf to place the gas bottle on it so as it takes up minimum space in the garden or in the outdoor kitchen.


    Really easy to assemble and very handy: put the Brio on it and screw the four feet to the oven base.


    THE DETAILS OF THE BRIO OVEN BASEPanel to hide the gas bottle or Wood holder panel.Epoxy resin, anthracite handle.4 professional casters with brakes.It weighs as little as 32 kg!It fits in every car boot.Colour:  Antique Red



    Number of pizzas: 2/3 28 cm in diameter.

    Batch of bread: 2/3 kg

    Fuel: HYBRID – gas and wood

    Number of people:  1 to 20

    Maximum temperature: 500° C

    Available in Top version – Top version + table – Top version + base



    • External oven temperatures are moderate because of the double layer of high-density, ceramic fibre insulation usually used in commercial pizza ovens (30% more insulation than competing products).
    • The Alfa refractory bricks have higher density to gradually release heat and cook better (40% more retention than competing products).
    • The Brio dimensions have been especially designed so that the oven can rest on the top of outdoor kitchens (only 76 cm deep).
    • The Brio’s wraparound design will leave all your guests speechless.
    • Available in the top version to place on the table, the shelf or the dedicated Alfa base.
    Weight N/A

    Black, None

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